Anders Arborelius OCD, Bishop of Stockholm


As bishop of Stockholm it is a pleasure for me to welcome you to the offical homepage of our diocese.


Even though our homepage is primarily in Swedish, we will provide an English translation of those pages that may be of intrest to our visitors and those who may not be familiar with the Swedish language.


The Catholic Diocese of Stockholm consists of 44 parishes and covers the whole country of Sweden. You are welcome to us and I hope you will find this homepage useful and interesting.


With blessings!


+ Anders Arborelius OCD




Catholic Diocese of Stockholm

Visiting address:
Götgatan 68

118 26 Stockholm


Postal address:

Box 4114

102 62 Stockholm




08 - 462 66 00

09.30 - 12.00

08 - 462 94 25



Visiting hours

9 am - 12 pm

1 pm - 5 pm